Wednesday, December 21, 2011

iPNP v2.0.5

About iPNP v2.0.5 This is a short guide explaining how you can install an app you found here on your phone. I’m also going to show you a way that’s a lot easier then the standard method everyone uses.

Please make sure your phone has “iPNP v2.0.5 apk” enabled in it’s settings! To check this go to Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources and check the box.

You have two options, either put the Download iPNP v2.0.5 apk file onto your phone’s SD card or download and install it directly from your phone.

iPNP v2.0.5

iPNP v2.0.5

iPNP v2.0.5 apk

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: PNP application – Portable North Pole for android.

The iPNP application gives you access to Santa Claus’ universe at all times.

iPNP v2.0.5

Visit the Parents’ Corner in order to manage the kids section, among others, by broadcasting Santa Claus’ Secrets and allowing them to view their customized Santa Claus video of your choice. Let your children send you their gift list through audio recordings and pictures and consolidate this list for your Christmas purchases.

Both a tool and an entertainment center, the iPNP application allows you to keep in touch with the North Pole and with the Holiday magic.

Functionalities available during the 2011 holiday season

Kids’ Corner:

- My list: Write, record or take a picture and send your gift list to Santa Claus!

- Video: Discover Santa Claus’ best kept secrets and view your Santa Claus’ customized videos!

- Advent Calendar: Count the number of sleeps before the BIG day! Each day of December, a new video message from Santa Claus will be available for nice and not so nice children based on parents’ selection!

- The Christmas Radar: See where you are located in the world compared to Santa Claus’ Village and to your friends!

Parents’ Corner:

- You may control privately the section reserved for children.

- Create personalized Santa Claus videos on your mobile phone during the 2011 holiday season.

- Make your videos accessible for viewing on your mobile phone (user-fee after 3 enclosed videos).

- My purchase list: Consolidate your children’s requests in a single list to make your shopping easier.

- Select videos that are available in the Children’s Corner.

- List of wishes: From wishes expressed by your children, make up a centralized list of Christmas purchases by adding notes to make sure that you don’t forget anything during the Holiday period.

Free iPNP v2.0.5 apk


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The current version of iPNP v2.0.5 Apk needs to run on Android 1.6 or later, in order to make better use of the CPU capacity, we have optimized and built three different Android GamesiPNP v2.0.5, for higher, medium and lower mobile phones. You can choose to download from your mobile browser, click the button to complete the installation, and you can also download the iPNP v2.0.5 .Apk file from PC and use the installation tool to install the iPNP v2.0.5 Apk. Enjoy Guys and Lets Begin iPNP v2.0.5 Android Games

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